F1 2010 Career - S2R2 - Australia - Virgin for The Season?

As F1 2015 is becoming a little stale I have
decided to start a new career mode on F1 2010!
A fantastic game back in the day so this should
be a very interesting series. I shall be driving
in the classic Virgin car and will be looking to
take the team to greatness!
  1. gamer19
    How coem you didn't, at some point, uninstall this ..dinosaur mate? =D
    Good game of it's time but it's beel quite long ago.
    I had them all, right now om my hard drive there's only two of them '14 and '15. And when '16 arive, I doubt I'll change that number at 3. Guess '14 will have to go.
    And when I think in all that time I invest in it, making my ..glorious lol, onboard cams for it. But.. that's the life I guess... =)
    Anyway... to cut this boring story short, nice video. =)

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