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DRM Toyota Celica - 2 laps race at Nordschleife (GSCE)

JO Simracing
I've been setting up a few playlists today on my YouTube channel and came accross this video, one of my earliest, when I hadn't yet got the best hardware, nor had I improved the video processing settings (removing bezels), or even started to use gloves ... The GSCE graphics on this Nordschleife are dated, yes, ... But Wow! I was inspired! What a race! How intense. Love it!

Really great fun today with the DRM at Nordschleife. If some other sims are struggling as we speak with their AIs, the GSCE really delivers great fun with its own.
Starting on P10 and finishing on P1 with the AI at 100%. It can still go to 120% but I would really struggle to keep pace...

These two laps were great fun. I did a bad start with the complex power release and clutch management that I haven't mastered yet for the DRMs. But AIs are easy to catch on the first chicane.

Perhaps a little bit too aggressive in this section in both laps (maybe there is a steward looking the camera footage!) but I think not enough to undermine the overtakes.

The brutal speed and power of these cars are overwhelming (cannot think what might feel driving one of these in real life!).
I really enjoyed these couple of laps and didn't do as many mistakes as in other laps...

Hope you enjoy watching it.

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