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Driver Eye: Sitting and Waiting - DRM Revival Mod (AC) - Group 5 @ Nordschleife

Late to the party on the DRM mod. Gave this a run over the weekend - 4K taking forever to process. Glad this class is represented in AC. Bit steep on the mod price. I get the time involved and 100% appreciate the work but with where AC is at in its life, you can find AC for 10 bucks online now, I think its to high. Saw that the mod got a bit of flack on RD but the overall package out weights the (few) negatives - mainly graphic issues between the models and audio. Update down the line will be welcome.

Cars are a blast, literally. Counter steering is a requirement along with a good old TC foot. Don't know how I feel about the cold brake simulation. Well really the glowing reception it received - brake, rim, and tire ecosystem is simulated 100x better in other sims (missing in AC) and from comments I've seen, this feature was like the second coming for some drivers. Drove the PC2's G5's to compare and in regards to getting the car up to temp and tires worked in, its no match. With the DRM mod, more or less drag the brakes for 200m's and your good to go. Dosen't take away from the mod, just the reception is puzzling.

Anyhow, very fun cars as they are in any sim, just glad they are represented in AC now. I'd think an update in the future is due so they can only get better. Oh yeah, driving a 935/77 in this video.
Links below. Enjoy.

DRM Mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/drm-revival.20496/
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