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Driver Eye: Holy Testicle Tuesday | Ricciardo @ Chinese GP | 1:31:840 + Setup

Links below. Ricciardo put on a clinic after the safety car - RBR caught the other teams out with the SC pit and D.R. had new rubber, but wow exciting stuff watching the passes on the top 4 - butt was puckered. Merc with the good call bringing Bottas in when they did and Ferrari timid on the guns after last weeks race cost Vettel the lead. Max, Max Max...driving to many sim racing games between race weekends.
One of my favorite drivers on the grid (I'm a Vettel guy) but that punt was bad. Owned up since the race but hopefully he takes this forward and learns - could have been a RBR 1-2. And Hamilton, sounded worried on the radio toward the end - RBR's buzzing around him on new rubber - but might be the theme for him early in the season.

Back to the video, qualifying lap around the Chinese GP in the RSS FH18 using Ricciardo's #3. Lap time is 1:31:840 - beats DR's quali lap by a tenth. This one took a bit of time to get to the RL times (31's for top 5) from this years race. Was chasing a low DF setup that would rip on the straights (+350kph) but only produce 33's and 32's. Slapped some DF on - top speed around 335kph - and really made up some time in the twisties. Big gain with the higher DF came going into the T1 monstrosity. Weird corner as you need to tap the brakes full speed to close DRS and then hug the inside curb and get back on full throttle. All while hitting the right line and quickly change down the gears into 3rd. Short shift coming out of the complex or you will spin exiting. Anyway, setup I used is below - use charging mode for KERS and manually deploy - along with links. Enjoy.

Car - RSS FH2018 - http://racesimstudio.com/
Paint - 2018 RBR Team - https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rss-formula-hybrid-2018-red-bull-racing-livery.20478/
Track - China GP - http://assettocorsa.club/mods/tracks/shanghai-international-circuit.html
Setup: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rpN7oMKfXcQI9npwTLVaf1DFYL3WB_Ku

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