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Driver Eye: F1 2018 Azerbaijan GP - Bottas - AC (RSS) VR Gameplay

Posting this race a bit early as I wanted to attach the video to my RD post for AI fixes on the track. Driving with Bottas here. Massive issues with the original ai lines with this mod so reworked the AI here - download to all is below. New ai lines, side lines, drs, talent file, and ai/player setup. Lap times by the ai and player are in the 1:43's to 1:45-46's to the back of the pack in race trim. Frames take a hit with this track and think the video shows at points. Anyhow, AI is awesome on this track now and gives a very fast race. First lap, few moments during the race, and last two laps fighting for first - big moment with Kimi at the end. Enjoy.

Car: racesimstudio.com
CrewChief: http://thecrewchief.org/
Track: https://assettomods.wixsite.com/assettomods/single-post/Baku-12
AI/Setups/Talent Download: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2018-azerbaijan-gp-rss-ai-race-package.20785/
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