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Driver Eye: Audi R18LM @ Le Mans - 3:10.196 - TT + Setup

TT lap in the new R18 LM around Le Mans. Used PC2Tunner to play with the dampers - link below, its a godsend for tuning in project cars, get it. App has not yet been updated since the DLC so used the old R18 suspension numbers. Will give this a run again when the app is updated and can tune it accurately.

Not much of a fan TT the LMP cars - way these cars are setup in TT wouldn't last a minute on track in RL, especially so in the endurance classes. Lap time is a 3:10.196. Again, way the car is setup for TT plus Le Mans is not laser scanned in pcars, laps way faster than RL. Was #1 for a few hours last night but woke up after the upload to see its #2 now by .077, close enough for now. Will give it another go after the app is updated. Setup is below. Enjoy.

PC2Tunner - www.racingsimtools.com/
Setup - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DSayRCnUM7anXYQSzl59Npl8mo4rujaE
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