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DRIVEN | McLaren 720s | Redefining Supercar? | Project CARS 2 | VR

Andre Marcos
Had some serious issues exporting this video - this is the video that didn't want to come out! Ended up recording the play back off the screen, as it just would not export...so please bear with me if there are any oddities with the playback or audio.

So, this is the 6th Episode of DRIVEN, where the McLaren 720s is the focal point of our attention. McLaren always tend to make huge gains in performance with each car they release, so with a car as important as 720s in their line up, the question is, have they managed to redefine supercar all over again? Let's take to VR and Project CARS 2 to find out….

#ProjectCARS2 #720s #SimRacing


Music: Ryan Little Productions

Music: Remember - Anno Domini Beats

Thank you for taking the time to watch.

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