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Drift King of the Ring re-creation FM7! 900* wheel / cluctch / handbrake

1,000 horsepower, 4 speed H pattern, no assists, no editing just a solid lap start to finish!

My recreation of the viral nurburgring drift video featuring professional Formula D driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. as he drifts his way around the iconic Nürburgring. This video features pedal cam + wheel and hand brake cam so you can see my inputs. This car is a BEAST.

Forza Motorsport 7 900* wheel rotation, clutch, hand brake. This is a realistic as I could make it. Enjoy and join 2old4forza if you want to drift with me online and in live streams!

Social Sim Racing with an emphasis on fun


2old4forza facebook page

2old4forza discord channel for assetto corsa

GTX 1070
16gb 2666 mhz ram

Input devices:
Fanatec CSL wheel base
Fanatec P1 rim
Fanatec V3i pedals
Fanatec V1.5 shifter
Fanatec V1.5 handbrake
4 Play Racing Heavy Duty Rig

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