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Dirt Rally - Magnetic Push-Pull Shifter Test - Ford Fiesta WRC - Greece

Added some Neodymium magnets to the push-pull paddle shifter. Tried a couple of different configurations to make it magnetic. One was worse than without any magnets but this one seems promising. So, let's fire up Dirt Rally and give it a test and pretend Greece is Mexico. Pretty excited Sebastien Loeb is back in this year's Rally Mexico that is happening now.

First time I've played Dirt Rally in ages. Had trouble starting the game. In fact, I still have issues starting the game in Eyefinity, triple screen. Have to set fullscreen to false (via Notepad), start the game, then Alt-Enter to switch into fullscreen. Otherwise, it wouldn't start. Pain.

I'm really liking this push-pull style of shifting behind the wheel. Very intuitive.

Paddle Shifter STL files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2813974

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