Dirt Rally Immersive Wheel - DIY G27 Sequential Shifter Mod! Top 36 Focus RS 2001 Stor-Jangen Sprint

Allan Chen
I'm back! I live in Taiwan and we were celebrating the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year in here, lots of good food! Sorry for not uploading any videos theses days after the Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO First Impressions / Review that I made, actually if you didn't watch and want to know how the game is here is the link:

This weekend was actually a very sad new years celebration... If you read the news, you probably saw that Taiwan was hit by a 6.4~6.7 earthquake and it did some damage on the south destroying several buildings and a 16 floors apartment. Very dramatic days, at the day of release of this video they were still on the rescue, Tuesday, 41 deaths and 100 more people still missing beneath the ruins... Its a very sad time for Taiwan...

On where I live the earthquake intensity was less severe but still was very violent, I could feel the whole 16 floor building where I live moving side to side for an endless moment, its frustrating to be on that position where you can't do nothing besides wishing it to be over soon for the best or the worst scenario.
Its is a wake up call when things like this happens.

Alright guys, I may talk about it more on a more relaxed video, maybe Euro Truck Simulator or other game? I'm going to do a channel update video soon. Talking about what I pretend to do on the future and what do you guys would like for me to do.

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PC specs and stuff used:
AMD FX-8320 + GTX 770 MSI Gaming
Logitech G27 Force Feedback Wheel
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick (used as Handbrake/E-Brake)
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