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Dirt Rally 2: Ford Focus 2007 @ Australia (Mount Kaye Reverse)

Martin Fiala
Well this didn't go according to plan at all :) The focus video was originally intended to go live like a day or two after the Impreza video, but work and other stuff interfered, and I also wasn't very happy with the video so I wanted to re-record it...and here we are, more than a week later...

Well anyway, here's the other new DLC car for Dirt Rally 2, the Ford Focus 2007. I love Focus, though I personally prefer the original one (which we will hopefully also get eventually). But even the 2007 one is certainly a fun car to drive :)

If you have any ideas about DR2 videos you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment.

Pedals and radar overlay are SimHub widgets, which I also use on my phone as an external dashboard:

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