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Dirt Rally 2: Datsun 240z @ Monte Carlo (Pra d'Alart)

Martin Fiala
The freshly released Monte Carlo DLC for Dirt Rally 2.0 might seem like an old content ported from the previous game, but that's far from the truth. The rally is making great use of DR2's better technologies and driving a car on a stage feels incredible, with each of the road surfaces having distinct FFB feel and obviously also affecting the car differently. You have to be very mindful of any snow/ice patches and when and how much throttle or brakes to apply, otherwise it's unlikely to end well. It's truly a blast and it might be the best DR2 content so far.

The run in the video is only my second attempt at the stage and I am driving the Datsun 240z, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite cars in the game, as it is RWD, but handles very well and is a lot of fun to drive.
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    Great stuff mate. Been thinking about this purchase, FPS seems on point for the computer for you. No lag or latency issues?
  3. Martin Fiala
    Martin Fiala
    Thanks. Yeah, it runs pretty well for me for the most part, even on my aging GTX 970. Solid 60 most of the time with mid to high settings. I get occasional dips to 50's, especially in Poland, but it's just a matter of a few seconds and then it picks up again.

    Absolutely no lag or latency (well, as far as I can notice, anyway). There's a slight visual lag in the virtual wheel, but as far as I can tell, it's exactly that - visual, so it doesn't seem to affect the steering.
  4. Martin Fiala
    Martin Fiala
    BTW any stutters or anything like that you see in this video are just the recording, on my side, it was absolutely smooth throughout.
    I get that too with YT sometimes.
  6. Martin Fiala
    Martin Fiala
    This is not really on YT side, it's in the source recording as well. My hardware is not exactly optimized for recording.

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