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Dirt Rally 2: BMW M1 Procar @ Poland (Jezioro Rotcze)

Martin Fiala
New DLC content for DR2 is here, featuring one of my all-time favorite cars in Raceroom, the BMW M1 Procar. And it is certainly every bit as fun in DR2 as it is in Raceroom, and also just as tricky when it comes to driving it fast, especially on wet gravel. This is basically my first full run through a stage with this car, I only did a bit of practice to get somewhat accustomed to its handling. But I think it's an OK run.

The other car that was released is the Opel Manta Group B RWD car. If anyone has a suggestion as to what stage I should attempt with it for the next video, feel free to leave a comment.
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  2. FeltHat
  3. Martin Fiala
    Martin Fiala
    You mean Lejno. And why do I never realize in time it's not a good idea to tell you things like that...
  4. FeltHat
    łajno is the word i was looking for and it means what lejno means in czech :p
  5. Martin Fiala
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