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DiRT Rally - 1440P/Ultra - Lancia Stratos - Monte Carlo, Monaco

DiRT Rally gameplay with Lancia Stratos at Monte Carlo Monaco. Graphics settings are set ultra/1440p (2560x1440p) with Nvidia GTX 980 TI 6GB. MSI nightblade X2 056 NEW PC RIG. PS4 uploads will continue starting in April with Uncharted 4 & Hitman 2016. Stay Tuned and subscribe so that you don't miss what is coming. Elgato PS4 capture.

Wheel used: Thurstmaster T300 RS.

MSI Nightblade X2 i7 6700 k/16 GB/ GTX 980 Ti 6GB /2x256 PCIe SSD+ 2TB HDD/Win 10

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My Console Rig (Thrustmaster T300 RS/ Dell 2715H / Harman Kardon Soundsticks 3 / PS4 1 TB SSHD)

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