Dirt 4: Subaru Impreza WRX N4 @ Wales

Martin Fiala
Finally spending some time with Dirt 4, here's the first stage of one of the very first rallies you attend as part of the career mode in the game. So far, my feelings about Dirt 4 are very much mixed when it comes to the rally content - some of the cars are quite fun to drive, even if they're surprisingly tame, but some have been a huge disappointment so far with handling that feels very much broken. I guess more time is needed to get an idea about how good or bad the game actually is.

This car and this rally, though, have definitely been the highlight of my time with D4 so far. The car felt quite nice after a few setup changes and the run through Welsh forests and fields was a blast.

BTW, the stage, just like any other stage you'll see in the game, was still created with the Your Stage system, it's not hand made. There are no hand made stages in the game at all.

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