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Dirt 4 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI - Rally Australia 1999 - S2 TMR

Found Tommi Makinen's Rally Australia 1999 liveried Mitsubishi Evolution 6 available for Dirt 4 at http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mitsubishi-lancer-evolution-vi-tommi-makinen-rally-australia-1999.16564/

Thanks RallyGamer's Playground who created the skin and the tool to update it as well. These can be downloaded from http://www.rallygamer.com

Of course I had to install this skin and give it a whirl.

The car's registration plate is "S2 TMR". In 1999, it appeared in Monte Carlo, Catalunya, Corsica, New Zealand and Australia, winning in Monte Carlo and New Zealand and gave Tommi Makinen his 4th world championship title at the final round in Australia. I think it actually became even more famous by being the car that's used by Tamiya, Kyosho and many other model makers, not to mention modelled in many computer games as well.

More info and photos of the car as it is today:

Music: Drowning World feat. Bjurman by Andrew Applepie

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