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Changing Seasons in the Wet at Brands Hatch GP - Assetto Corsa

Alistair McKinley
Changing seasons at Brands Hatch GP while driving continuously (please read below how it is done) | Track Day at Brands Hatch GP in a Porsche 911 RSR 2017 | Lap 1: Autumn Deem | Lap 2: Winter Deem | Lap 3: Winter Snow Deem | Try to spot the transitions :) - watch the wipers! | Assetto Corsa (reworked) | Track Day at Brands Hatch GP | Porsche 911 RSR 2017 (sounds by ACFAN, livery by Henky SA) | Brands Hatch GP Wet Autumn/Winter/Winter Snow (Kunos, Alberto Fracasso, deem) | Good and Bad Weather Suite 2.5.2 (Peter Boese) | Content Manager & Shaders Patch (Ilja Jusupov and others) | 1080p | Logitech G27

To see the description watch the video on YouTube. :)
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