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Changing seasons and 24h cycle in Assetto Corsa with Sol 1.1 beta 5 - Assetto Corsa

Alistair McKinley
This is what you can do with Content Manager, Shaders Lights Patch and Sol in Assetto Corsa.

No worries: It will look a thousand times better at your end than in this video (due to YouTube compression).

Keep in mind though: The acceleration doesn't work in replay mode yet.

I will upload another video where you can see me driving whilst all these changes are taking place.

You need to activate "Use seasonal adjustments" in Content Manager/Settings/Custom Shaders Patch/Weather FX and to use the default skin of the track. Otherwise you won't get the changing colours of the trees and the grass.

To make changing seasons and 24h cycle happen in Assetto Corsa on your PC you need the following programmes/apps/mods:

1. Content Manager (0.8.1927.35356 (x86)) by Ilja Jusupov:

2. Shaders Lights Patch (v0.1.25-preview44) by Ilja Jusupov and others:

3. Sol (1.1. beta 5) by Peter Boese:

Please make sure to read Peter's manual very carefully. It took me a couple of minutes to install and set up Sol.

Please do not a "clean install" for Shaders Lights Patch because it might delete some important files. However, you can restore lost files by installing Shaders Lights Patch manually.
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  2. melanieuk
    Nice but the clouds not moving and not being dynmamic spoils the whole project.
  3. Alistair McKinley
    Alistair McKinley
    The clouds are moving - depending on wind strength. The problem is that the video was not sped up afterwards but recorded "live" with time multilplier at 999x and weather fx multilplier at 50x. If you want I record a video where you can see the clouds moving.

    Okay: I just tested with 2200 km/h. I got quite sick. If you want to accelerate time I can recommend to increase the speed of wind, as well. Thank you for pointing it out.

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