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Can You Ruf It - iRacing Ruf GT3 Challenge - Lime Rock Park - VR

Sharpy Bonfire
Ruf GT3 Challenge
2018 Season 2 - Week 1/12
Lime Rock Park - Full Course
iRacing - Windows Mixed Reality VR

Incident report at end of the video!

Having pretty good time with Skip Barbers in Lime Rock on seasons first week I noticed Ruf Challenge is on Lime Rock too, so I decided to give it a few laps practice. Since it did not make me feel like rage quiting I thought I will give this series a try too.

Ended up having pretty decent time, mostly racing against myself, but it ended up being pretty fun and Ruf feels like good amount of challenge in a good way so for now I think my Season 2 lineup is here: Skippy Barber and Ruf for good time and Spec Racer Fords for challenge and keeping my iRating low... :)


► iRacing ► Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 ►GT Omega Wheel Stand ► Logitech ► GTEYE springs ► Bodnar ► irFFB ► JJ Spotter Pack ► Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset ► i7-6700K ► Asus 980Ti ► F33L SR1
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