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Race to forget - or race to remember as example of how many things can go wrong. For some reason lost confidence to car pretty early and lapped almost two seconds slower lap times than I did in race length practice just before the race. It might be partially due some damage to car, but I really felt off.... 06:08 Whoops moment 11:56 Being nice and letting faster car pass... 13:06 Collecting nice guy position... 15:29 Giving space and getting rammed as thanks 27:00 Victim of last lap special Car: Cadillac CTS-V Racecar Series: Fanatec Global Challenge Track: Road Atlanta - Full Course #RoadAtlanta #Cadillac #GlobalChallenge ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► iRacing ► CrewChief ► Joel Real Timing (JRT) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 ► CSL Elite Pedals LC ► GT Omega Wheel Stand ► Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset ► GT Omega Monitor Stand ► Samsung 49" CHG90 Ultra-Wide ► i7-6700K ► Asus 980Ti ► F33L SR1

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