Buggy II Onboard выходного дня

  1. Dim Sim
    Dim Sim
    Friends, hello! I am glad that I have the opportunity to share their videos on racedepartаment. I would like to find new friends. I hope I did not intrusive. I would be glad if you join me, I appreciate it.
    A great rest from the simulators. And a little exercise)
  2. Ilya Malyuev
    Ilya Malyuev
    Fantastic vehicle and driving mate!
    Is it custom build? Is it road legal?
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  3. Dim Sim
    Dim Sim
    Yes, this is a car built from 0. I was fortunate enough to buy it from the master.
    No, of course it's not legal, but I risk for the sake of pleasure)

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