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Boomerang Crash - iRacing Street Stock Series Rookie - Charlotte Motor Speedway - VR

Sharpy Bonfire
Street Stock Series - Rookie
2018 Season 1 - Week 9/12
Charlotte Motor Speedway - Oval
iRacing - Windows Mixed Reality VR

There is a incident report in the end of the video!

Back to Charlotte in Street Stock Rookies. Not really hitting the quali laps I set mode to survival right from the start - which mostly worked out until either fellow racer was blind enough or lost enough grip to slam me gently, but hard enough for me to lose my grip which ended up with me doing a boomerang move and slamming back to him causing bigger crash.

What can there be said - no need to get mad - its rookie racing. Will be doing this series for couple weeks more because at ened of the season (or if my safety rating goes up enough for fast promotion before that) there is gonna be promotion to C class which currently prevents me for racing street stock series anymore and I would like to win one before that if possible...


► iRacing ► Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 ►GT Omega Wheel Stand ► Logitech ► GTEYE springs ► Bodnar ► irFFB ► JJ Spotter Pack ► Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset ► i7-6700K ► Asus 980Ti ► F33L SR1

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