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BMW M6 GT3 Sounds - Racing Games

Sharpy Bonfire
Couple notes: There is really big difference on how this car drives in different games. I will not make any ultimate claims on which is best as it depends on what you like. For me thought, I liked rFactor2 feeling most like real sim, but Assetto Corsa was most fun to drive.

There is no BMW M6 GT3 officially in Assetto Corsa, so United Racing Design paymod was used in this, the car is not officially BMW, but "Bayro" and it did not really feel or sound so much like the same car as in other games.

What comes to Assetto Corsa Competizione, I might have lowered the settings way down to get more smooth gameplay and ehm... different exterior example. But I just found it too funny... I do not really hate the game - it is still in early access stage and Kunos is relatively small team. I trust they will take their time and when game is at release stage, we will have one superb game.

In Car Sounds
00:00 Real BMW M6 GT3
00:27 Project Cars 2
00:52 rFactor 2
01:17 RaceRoom Racing Experience
01:46 Assetto Corsa - United Racing Design T5 2018 "Bayro"
02:17 Assetto Corsa Competizione

Exterior Sounds
02:50 Real BMW M6 GT3
03:17 Project Cars 2
03:44 rFactor 2
04:22 RaceRoom Racing Experience
04:56 Assetto Corsa - United Racing Design T5 2018 "Bayro"
05:45 Assetto Corsa Competizione

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