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Baku, Azerbaijan Formula 1 Circuit Flying Lap

Jordan Adcock
A self-developed flying lap of the Baku Formula 1 circuit, revealed in October 2014 to be raced for the 2016 Formula 1 season.

When the circuit was revealed, there were mixed opinions about the circuit. The first sector features many 90º corners, and the long straight that follows the coastline made some people feel the circuit was too plain. Given that Baku has not had Google Streetview come through just yet, I had to see a lap for myself.

The above video uses rFactor as the simulation program, with the car driven by yours truly. The layout was imported from a trace in Google Earth, with circuit widths, tweaking, elevation changes, buildings and walls all developed in Bob's Track Builder circuit building software. The elevation data was gained from Google Earth data.

The buildings used are only placeholder buildings and do not represent the actual buildings present in the city of Baku. This exercise was purely only for the purposes of getting to see how the circuit was raced and how the circuit flowed. The buildings help tremendously in getting a feel of the circuit, and as such were used extensively.

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