Automobilista - WTCC 2016 - Imola

Jason Palmer
I came across this WTCC 2016 mod for Automobilista at Race Department whilst looking for something else and decided to check it out as i love anything to do with touring cars.

I was presently surprised as it had all the 2016 cars and the models are nicely done, liveries need a little work, and each car does have its own sounds as well.

Now i didn't do a full weekend i just jumped straight into a quick race and decided to go for it full on touring car style, so you won't see a race with the cleanest of passes but it was a lot of fun getting stuck in i can tell you !

I tried both the Volvo and Citroen and found them both great to drive, although i did have to crank up the FFB a bit as i felt it was a little on the soft side but that could just be me.

You get all the typical FWD handling traits with torque steer on corner exit and a light rear end on corner entry which makes the cars exciting to drive in a close pack.

For a free mod its very well done and a great base for the dev team to build on and well worth taking the time to check out.

You can find the download here -

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