Automobilista V8 Supercars 2016 skins!

Hi all I am demps151, and is Automobilista a new game that is great, today i ma having fun with some v8 supercars from down under!
skins links

vtcc site

vtcc facebook


Team Mates
Cpl Hamster twitch
Sponge Twitch

Hope you enjoy
Hope you enjoy
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  2. ThatRacingGuy
    Link for skins?
  3. DEMPS151
    yea i will pop them in the discription,

    i forgot sorry lol
    my brains mushed up from the flat spots
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  4. DEMPS151
    done! :)
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  5. DEMPS151
    problem now lol, just done a update on the game and now you cant use them ahhhhhh
  6. DEMPS151
    solved it, just redownloaded the skins and reinstalled them like normal and it works
  7. Rob Fitness
    Rob Fitness
    Some credit for the skins would have been nice before posting as if it's all your work
  8. Rob Fitness
    Rob Fitness
    you dont have to reinstall ALL skins just the redbull one that has the modified series and VEH files, as the update put those back to original files
  9. DEMPS151
    i never once said that i made the skins i said the looked great and made the game feel better, do apoligise that i dint mention the name of ht e person how made them, i did tell people where they could get them from,

    i will give you a mention in the next video i use them in, sorry again
  10. Rob Fitness
    Rob Fitness
    No prob, more skins coming by myself and easton1 too. The logo you used is superceded now. The current one is the one that is a big. Red 'S'

    I know you never said it was your work but I guess my initial impression was it looked like a promo of sorts... I stopped my meds recently so am a bit wound up again. Lol.

    I'm happy people's enjoying the skins.
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  11. DEMPS151
    its ok dude, the skins make it 10 times better and thank you for that!
  12. DEMPS151
  13. Kris Migut
    Kris Migut
    Thanks mate, they're perfect!
  14. Rob Fitness
    Rob Fitness

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