Automobilista: SweetFX Comparison (Neawoulf's, Heroflex's vs Default)

Automobilista by Reiza Studios (PC, Steam - Early Access)

SweetFX Comparison (Onboard & Replay)

*** Credits ***

- Thanks to "Neawoulf" and "Heroflex" for SweetFX presets (configs).

0:00 Default vs Neawoulf's (Onboard)
1:06 Default vs Heroflex'S (Onboard)

2:12 Default vs Neawoulf's (Replay)
3:23 Default vs Heroflex'S (Replay)

I edited Heroflex's "SFXOn.txt" and increased the saturation from "-0.6" to "-0.1" in this video.
(About how to change the saturation, please read the instruction below.)

*** Download Links ***

[Neawoulf's modified SweetFX config for Automobilista v1.1]

[Heroflex's Alternate SweetFX preset]
(Please click on "Download preset" button below and download "SweetFX_Settings_Automobilista_

Automobilista- Alternate shaders V1.txt".)

(For further information, please refer to the description on YouTube page. :))

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