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AUTOMOBILISTA Superkart vs F1 Formula Reiza LOL

M D Gourley
LOL...well you know, had to try this out, setting Automobilista to 'All Cars and Tracks' in the menu lets you pick car combinations and tracks that you would not get in the 'Series' selections...and this was a result of one such thought...lol
Had to set the AI to 120%, pick a somewhat narrow, tight track and 'Cadwell Park'fit the bill and also driving without just ramming into the Superkarts...that would be un-sportsman like....so loading up the track with maximum cars, 19 Superkarts vs me driving the F1 Formula Reiza.
I would have to say if it was a 1 Lap shoot out the Superkart would have won as the F1 Reiza is a little slow around the tight corners allowing the Superkarts to catch up.
I felt like a mother Duck taking her Ducklings out for a run...lol.
This video of coarse is just for fun...and fun it was.

Game footage recorded by FRAPS, editing done in Cyberlink Power Director 14 Ultra.

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