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Automobilista - Mini Challenge | Oulton Park

Jeremy Ford
I've owned Automobilista for 3 years but wasn't able to map my wheel in the settings in the past, so this is really my first proper go with Automobilista. Automobilista has excellent physics and force feedback, giving you a really good understanding of how the cars respond to your driving input.

Some cars can be very challenging in Automobilista, but the Mini Challenge is a good car to get started with, as it's easy to drive and a great choice for newbie sim racers. And what better than to race the Mini at Oulton Park, being as it's one of the official tracks on Mini Challenge calendar.

GAME: Automobilista
CAR: Mini Challenge
TRACK: Oulton Park

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  2. Alex72
    Do you have "CrewChief" spotter sound mod? You should really get it. So immersive to drive with it because it is 100% natural human sounding. Also with hundreds of names so your name is most definitely in there. Simple external program with interface. Superb. Works with AMS, AC, rF2, pCars and all the rest.
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  3. Jeremy Ford
    Jeremy Ford
    Thanks Alex, good shout. I've heard of this software in past but never tried it. I'll check it out.
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  4. Alex72
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  5. Jeremy Ford
    Jeremy Ford
    Cheers for that.

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