Automobilista | Formula V10 | 34 laps @ Montreal

Stephen Bailey
Some more Formula V10 action for you from the early access Automobilista. This time, we're taking it for a spin (or two) around Montreal. In this you'll see me racing wheel to wheel with the AI, the AI be very difficult to drive around sometimes (many bumps, scrapes and a spin), and an ending that wouldn't have been possible but for my own silly mistakes. But for the most part they were OK. They didn't seem quite as good here as they were at Interlagos. Damage is set to 30% due to some of the random AI behaviour.

What do I think about this car? Well, in short, I love it. Even with low TC, this thing slides around on the power coming out of corners like we saw in the early 2000's. No other car made from this era has got this right, until now. For me, it is the definitive early 2000's F1 simulation. Looking forward to more compounds, skin packs and leagues with this car.

One last note, there will be the odd occasion where I'm not exactly on a typical line...I have a dog that likes to jump on my shoulder whilst driving!

Anyway, enjoy!
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  2. Lazarou
    Where are your skins from mate? I have asked you on YT as well don't worry I am not stalking you.
  3. Stephen Bailey
    Stephen Bailey
    At the moment it's just the Renault and Jag skins done by one of my friends on the existing DDS files. Templates have just come out, so I suspect we'll see them flooding in now. :D
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  4. Lazarou
    Thanks for replying twice! Hopefully some will be out soon.

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