Automobilista / Formula Trucks / Brands Hatch

Jason Palmer
Reiza Studios have added the Formula Trucks into the latest Beta version of their sim Automobilista and so i decided to grab my shifter and wheel by the scruff of the neck and try and tame one of these beasts around Brands hatch !!!

The content for this video used to be in the stand alone Formula Truck sim which Reiza published around the time of their previous sim Game Stock Car but its been back in the garage for an upgrade using the latest sound and physics updates built into AMS.

One thing is still the same they are hard to handle with so much power and weight they really test your ability to keep on the grey stuff.

You have to start slowing down much much earlier than you would think and then you have to keep a tight control on the throttle on corner exit or the the light rear end will be overtaking you before you know it.

But when you do get it some where near right it feels very satisfying indeed and you feel like you have accomplished something when you put a lap together i can tell you.

The AI are a little robust but that just adds to the fun as you can happily rub along each other to help make the pass without a wheel falling off or some crucial aero part becoming dislodged ruining your race.

I am not sure when the Formula Trucks are due to hit the public version of AMS but judging by the quality of this Beta version it wont be very long.

To find out more about AMS please visit the Reiza Forums here -

And to find AMS on Steam please check out this link -

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  2. markjamie77
    were is the mod 4 this
  3. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    It's officially added DLC content by Reiza.

    At the moment it's only for the Beta version of the sim but it will be out soon for the public version of the sim as DLC.

    You should be able to find out more over on the Reiza forums -

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