Automobilista - Brit Pack - Caterham 360R - Oulton Park

Jason Palmer
I have finally had a chance to try out the new v1.1.6 build of Automobilista along with the Caterham 360R from the Brit Pack DLC all by Reiza Studios.

I think i will just jump straight to the point here, BUY IT !

Yep its as easy as that, this car and track combination along with the AI improvements to AMS really stand out as a quality piece of sim racing content.

They have nailed the physics of this car, which is no surprise given its worked on by Niels Heusinkveld, the way it moves about on both the tyres and suspension make it feel alive and you can take some real liberties with the 360R spec version and as long as you are quick enough with the wheel and throttle its save able, just !

They have done a great job on the track with all the elevations present and the track surface has a few cracks and bumps that the car will react to when on the limit and for an aging sim engine i think it looks very nice indeed showing that a bit of clever coding can breath life into an older title.

To find AMS on Steam follow this link -

And to get the Brit Pakc DLC use this link -


My hardware and software setup.


Intel i7 4790K
Nvida GTX 1060 6GB
Samsung Evo 480GB SSD


rSeat Evo Rig

Fanatec v2 CSW
Fanatec Universal Hub with Clubsport GT rim
Fanatec v3 CSP with brake damper
Fanatec ClubSport v1.0 Shifter
DSD P1 button box

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