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Automobilista (beta) Ultima GTR "road"@ Brands Hatch Indy -

paul carter
via YouTube Capture
  1. Paulo Gomes and Keith Joyce like this.
  2. Keith Joyce
    Keith Joyce
    Nice rig Paul - looks really immersive!
  3. paul carter
    paul carter
    Thanks ... Quite a modest set up .- Playseat - t500rs with th8 shifter - triple Samsung 23" LEDs .. The PC is a yoyo tech dark iron. Would love a direct drive wheel and a better seat. But as with everything budget dictates....
  4. Keith Joyce
    Keith Joyce
    I'm also using a yoyotech - a Warbird RS10!
  5. Paulo Gomes
    Paulo Gomes
    Nice driving ;) the rig with the triple screens is always very cool, much more imersive than a single one, the only thing I would do, was lowering the screens so you can see dash of the virtual car through the t500, but probably you feel more confortable like it is. Keep doing this nice videos Paul :)
  6. paul carter
    paul carter
    Good machines ... I've had a few as have friends ..
  7. paul carter
    paul carter
    Thanks paulo.. The screens I use are wide screen 23" so not very deep.. If I lower them,...ends up being like a letter box view..
  8. Will Mazeo
    Will Mazeo
    lol the rear mirror position in this car tho xDD
  9. paul carter
    paul carter
    Should imagine in real life they wouldn't look as prominent.(think their positioned so high as you sit so low. Also to avoid the door opening?) just on three 23" screens you only see the drivers side one .. And looks slightly out of proportion.. The race version has smaller bonnet mounted mirrors and rear view camera monitor .

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