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Automobilista beta: Edgy Uno! (Fiat Uno first impressions)

Taking the "edgy'" Fiat Uno for a first spin around Londrina. A very promising car with it's perfect edges..

Currently the Brazilian classic touring cars are only available on the Automobilista beta.
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  2. paul carter
    paul carter
    The fiat uno has 1 horse power less than the beetle.. their meant to be raced together .. I think ..
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  3. Vortlas
    fiat has 5 speed gearbox and beetle has 4, maybe the difference lies there?
  4. paul carter
    paul carter
    I noticed with the beetle the first three gears are quite low ratios,also whilst driving the brands hatch Indy circuit (paddock hill turn one) the beetle is so low at the front it bottoms out.. great couple of cars,lot of fun. Reiza make content like Kipling makes cakes...
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