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Automobilista BETA / Copa Montana trucks / Johannesburg Historic

Jason Palmer
Reiza Studios have just released a new BETA build of their early access sim Automobilista bringing it up to v0.9.5 as it moves ever closer to v1.0.

This new build is mainly bug fixes but does include some new content in the shape of the Copa Montana trucks.

These trucks are a little old school using a H pattern gearbox and come without ABS or TC so driving them is a lot of fun and i do mean a lot of fun !!!

I have had a blast man handling these trucks around the Johannesburg Historic circuit and combined with the AI improvements Reiza have made i had many a close but clean race.

As you can see i had a great qualifying lining up 2nd on the grid but once again i was let down by a poor start dropping down to 8th.

But i plugged away and even though i did not have the best of setups carrying to much drag so losing out on the main straight i was able to fight back through the twisty stuff and by the end of the race claimed a well earned 2nd place.

Automobilista is another sim title that works very well with the Fanatec CSW v2 wheel and i had a real work out throwing these trucks about loving every moment of it.

The official early access version of Automobilista can be found on Steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/431600/ - and will very quickly see this new content added from the Beta build so get your copy ready.

To keep up to date with more news about Automobilista please check out our website - www.pitlanes.com

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