Jason Palmer
After a small set back a couple of weeks ago for the team at Reiza Studios they are back to releasing updates for both the early access and BETA versions their sim Automobilista.

This video highlights the new Boxer Cup cars included in the latest BETA version.

This is not a review of the new content as it is still in its early stage of development but more a first impression.

First off the models them selves are nicely done with a very nice dashboard and they have got the sound of the car spot on, with just some work to do on shifting and collision effects.

This car is very lively with a back end that is just looking to step out meaning you have to keep your right foot in check but it feels great once you start to master it. The car also bounces about a lot with the default setup so the car may need stiffening up a bit so that it handles the higher curbing better rather than being bounced into a half spin as it is now.

I think the biggest improvement required at the moment is the AI. They are not up to the usual Reiza quality and as they stand make getting a good clean race in hard, but not impossible. I know that this is something they will work on and get to the same standard as the other cars in the sim so come official release this wont be a problem.

Overal i had a lot of fun racing these cars last night and look forward to seeing how much better they go once i sort a better setup out for a bit of curb hoping and once Reiza update the AI cars.

Automobilista can be found on Steam here -

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