Automobilista Beta | 2-wide = Road closed (Formula Truck @ Brands Hatch)

Reiza studio recently unveiled FTrucks 2016 Seasons' car in AMS Beta, which is pretty much a upgraded version of those from FTruck 2013.
So I already knew this car has heck a lot of fun, but hey, in new platform .... x) Still awesome to drive on.

It is still beta so.. they should work on some visual things like cockpit HUD bla blah blah.. however, in terms of physics and sounds? It's already in top notch :)))

Had some fun in brands hatch with AIs. AI' seems to be a little bit too slow in back straight, and have some issues when they enter the pit since the track is narrow, but overall it's pretty good.
2-wide in narrow road in this car is just so hilarious xD
Hope you guys enjoy!

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