Automobilista AMAZING AI Multi Class at CADWELL PARK

M D Gourley
Reiza Studios 'Automobilista' has amazing AI and I really enjoy loading up a 20 vehicle mixed Multi Class race with a great variety of vehicles to try my luck.
I thought I would test the AI out at Cadwell Park, a narrow, tight winding track and if any track was going to test out how good the AI were this would be one of them. Apart from the odd contact, probably due to my bad driving not holding my line and going off track, I would have to say the AI were fantastic which made for very enjoyable close racing and even though I was driving the Formula V10 (just so I could keep up and get myself out of trouble it was still quite a challenge and even after 4 laps I still did not win the Recommended.
AI 'Strength' set to 120%...AI 'Aggression' set to Max
Game Footage recorded with FRAPS and edited in Cyberlink Power Director 14 Ultra.

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