M D Gourley
I really enjoy setting up some Multi Class races in Automobilista as the AI is top shelf work by the team at Reiza Studios. I am not a good driver anyway but the AI pushed me quite hard and did overtake me due to my many mistakes...awesome.
I am driving the Corvette which is included content from United Racing Design and it is extremely good, sounds fantastic, handles as good as the rest of the content in Automobilista and the cockpit modelling is, dare I say it...a notch above Reiza's own content.
The Adelaide track is a fantastic work of art by Reiza and is a really challenging track to race on, add to that the very good replay cameras which are a joy to watch and the overall Audio this track and Automobilista comes highly recommended.
Footage recorded with FRAPS, edited in Cyberlink Power Director 14 Ultra.

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