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Automobilista - 8 laps @ Imola 72 with the Ultima GTR Race (4K/60)

8 lap race against AI (103%, low agression) @ Imola 72 with the Ultima GTR Race (no aids), Logitech G27. Imola 72 in AMS is one of my favourite tracks, fast and superbly rendered. It has none of myriad of chicanes of the modern versions that slow things down. For one thing, it shows that in 72, security was not exactly a concern!
The GTR Ultima Race is also a favourite. It is challenging to drive fast and unforgiving: a single mistake and it is game over most often than not. But really rewarding when you can make it to the end !

This video has some occasional stutter due to my PC struggling in some part of the track to play and record 4K/60 at the same time.
  1. VernWozza
    Hahaha could only see a bit of the thumbnail. Thought it was microprose gp2 with that dash and steering wheel.

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