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Assetto Corsa's agressive AI

Funny outcome
Koenigsegg's Agera R Stability Control included (but failed)
  1. Patrik Marek
    Patrik Marek
    yeah, if you talk about this behaviour on official forums, you will probably get 9 or 10 responses that it was your fault because you went into AI line

    I will just add that I don't think that in real life, it would be same outcome
  2. Blimey
    the thing is, I wouldn't allow super fanboy elitist to comment, they add nothing anyway, that's why the game progresses so slow, they let Kunos slack.
  3. Patrik Marek
    Patrik Marek
    that's not to say that good AI is easy to do, but exactly as you say, if they live in denial and all is fine, it will hardly ever improve

    I have some AI vids too, but those were bit old now, so you might argue that AI improved

    last time I checked, Choochoo train behaviour is still there

    and this is how AI likes to go for gaps
  4. Patrik Marek
    Patrik Marek
    but this one here is actually quite realistic, becasue this does happen in MP racing in first corners as well here and there

  5. Blimey
    I can't really comment on the AI entirely, just from my experience I can say that the improvements have been minor, that little pit manouver in the video happens a lot , they keep getting stuck in one of the back corners and keep driving into me (even if I wouldn't make such a movie like I did in the video), they don't let go or try to avoid you.
  6. Patrik Marek
    Patrik Marek
    unless you are on their line, they can't see you, that's imo the fundamental problem with the AI code currently

    but yeah, I don't race AI in AC much anyway, just doing few hot laps, and working on mods most of the time :(
  7. Blimey
    I was trying the race challenges with GT3's and then that happened at Spa, I was a few laps in already and then that, was sad that time went to waste, but the accident and the outcome made me lol.

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