ASSETTO CORSA VS REAL LIFE - Ferrari SF15-T Montreal (4K)

Scott van Breda
Sim vs Reality, a comparison of Assetto Corsa with real life. This is onboard with Kimi Raikkonen at the 2015 Canadian GP in the Ferrari SF15-T. The Assetto Corsa version of the track is a mod so is not of the same quality as the default tracks in the sim.
  1. Patrik Marek
    Patrik Marek
    they could really sure more head G forces movement in AC, feels really off when compared to real life

    Gran turismo has something where head (and body) reacted to Gforces and it was rather cool and making it way more realistic
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  2. Scott van Breda
    Scott van Breda
    i agree, remember they are only a small group of people. im sure they will refine those things when they get the maximum they want out of the physics and the content
  3. Radu Oros
    Radu Oros
    That's more head bobbing and shaking from body movement and the driver reacting with opposing force than just g-forces. So is all that shaking+gforces. Notice is more intense when going over the kerbs.
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