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Assetto Corsa - VRC - Formula NA 2018

Paul Ad
The Assetto Corsa Formula NA 2018 car will be part of the VRC Formula NA Package to be included on Sunday, September 9th!!!

Get it at www.vrc-modding-team.net

Here is everything you should know about the Formula NA Package:

What will be included in the package ?

This first release will include:

Formula NA 1999 (Road and Oval versions)
Formula NA 2012 (Road and Oval versions)
Formula NA 2018 (Road and Oval versions)
VRC SouthStar Motorspeedway Track

There will also be another track added to the pack which we will be announcing soon.

How much will it cost ? and where can i get it ?

Formula NA 1999 (Road and Oval versions): 4.5U$D
Formula NA 2012 (Road and Oval versions): 4.5U$D
Formula NA 2018 (Road and Oval versions): 4.5U$D
The VRC southstar track: 4.5U$D

Those who want the full package can get it for a price of 16U$D.

RD premium users can get this same package for a price of 10U$D! So if you're not a RaceDepartment Premium Member yet, this is your chance!

We hope that you will enjoy this package, and we can't wait for your feedback for future updates. We would like also to thank you for your patience!
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