Assetto Corsa | VRC Ferrari F2007 vs. VRC McLaren MP 4/22 | Shootout at Imola

Here now a shootout or better a lap comparisson between the new Ferrari F2007 against the updated McLaren MP4/22 from the Virtual Racing Cars Guys (VRC).

The Ferrari has a better balance arround here and is quite easy to handle. The balance was good from the beginning and wirh some minor changes on the setup it was even better!
With the McLaren it was different. First i thought the ferrari will be easy pickings for the McLaren because the McLaren reacts better and give you a feeling of more grip and you can go faster into the corners, but i was wrong!

Overall the ferrari was faster, at least around here.
It was quite alot of fun tho to push both cars to the limit and create a video like this for you!

If you enjoyed the video i would appriciate a like and let me know if that video helps you ;)

Setups and the hotlaps from the cars could be found below

McLaren Setup:

Ferrari Setup:
26 degree air tempreture
optimal track surface
Soft tyres
TC Setting 5
Get the Mods here:
one car costs 3 USD which were 2,92€
Ferrari Hotlap:

McLaren Hotlap:
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  1. Frank
    Pretty close, you managed to push the Ferrari harder in some crucial corners though, the McLaren gained back a lot of time in the last sector since you pushed it harder there!
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  2. M41k_R
    I pushed as hard as i could with the McLaren in the first sector ^^ There was only a tenths to gain and in the last sector i lost a bit due to the the little mistake in the last turn.
    As i mentioned in the discription, the ferrari is better to drive. The car reactes calm to every change of direction while the mclaren is more twitchy overall at the rear.
    But both cars are great and makes alot of fun :)
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