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Assetto Corsa - VR Quick Race - DTM Revival!!!

G'day all. Today I'm in the Alfa Romeo 155 TI racing against the BMW M3 E30 and the Mercedes 190E Evo II for 5 laps around the wonderful Oulton Park Raceway. (MOD) This is my fist drive in the car, so I was learning the cars dynamics as I went. I have driven the BMW before though, so I was not completely out of my depth. I had a problem with my mic, so I apologise for the faint, incoherent comments every now and then. I’ll be sure to look in to that.

Let me know if you want to see a specific car/track combo for races or hotlaps. I’m happy to oblige. If you enjoy my content please like and subscribe.

AI set to 100%. No assists.

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