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Jason Palmer
Today i am back in my VR sim racing rig for some, you guessed it VR sim racing with my Oculus Rift.

I took part in a Sim Racing System online race in Assetto Corsa with the 90's DTM BMW at the classic Spa track.

First up, there is no commentary from me as i was not able to use the mic for this race but as it had a bit of everything i wanted to upload it anyway.

As for the race, well i lined up 2nd on the grid but after an overly cautious first lap dropped down a few places and then the fight back began.

I was back up into the podium positions when i forgot how to use the clutch properly and had a few missed gear changes which then about half way through the race caused me to spin right round.

I then had a couple of poor laps while i got my head together and set about catching and passing those that nipped past while i span !

It was truly a race of highs and lows but it was all good fun in the end and another race where i took away something to add to the sim racing bank of knowledge.

I hope can you can all enjoy it to even without having me chat away, although some might think thats a benefit !

I now have a discord group all about VR sim racing that you can join -

I will also be uploading screen shots of my videos to my Instagram page -

Please feel free to leave a comment if there is anything VR sim racing related you would like to see in a future video.

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