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Assetto Corsa VR / Blancpain GT Series / Misano 15 Lap Race

A short race around the MWC, Misano World Circuit, where the Blancpain GT Sprint Series took place last weekend! Not the fastest, not the cleanest, but damn was it fun!
  1. Baron3105
  2. Sirknight224
    Yep. I do NOT recommend the mod. It's payware, it drives decently but the camera is kinda.. eh. I really just wanted a complete GT3 field so i gave in.
  3. Baron3105
    Can i get link? That's not problem to change psychic and cameras in the car ;)
  4. Sirknight224
  5. Baron3105
    hmm mods from here is not the best ;/
  6. Sirknight224
    I agree wholeheartedly. I spent money to pretty much not drive the thing. So yeah. Play stupid win stupid.

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