Assetto Corsa - Tripl3 Pack DLC - Praga R1 @ Nordschleife - PC 60FPS

TheReaper GT
The Praga R1 is a budget racing car with big buck's performance. It uses the reliable Renault Formula 2.0 engine, weights less than your ex-girlfriend and goes like a rocket. Bear in mind that the car in Assetto Corsa is the less powerfull Praga R1 version. The company also makes the R1S and R1T for track use (235 and 340bhp respectively) and the R1R road car (390bhp with less than 700kg).
In my opinion this car alone makes the Tripl3 Pack DLC worth it's price.

Assetto Corsa Tripl3 Pack DLC:

Assetto Corsa
PC v1.8
No assists
Xbox One Controller
Recorded with NVidia Shadowplay
Asus M5A78-M
Gigabyte GTX-960 2GB OC Edition
Samsung UD28E590DS
Razer Abyssus
Turtle Beach XO Four

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