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Assetto Corsa | Toyota GT-One TS020 | Bathurst Hotlap 2:00.413

Henri Sinik
Car: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/virtua-simulazioni-toyota-gt-one.17341/

Wheel Base: Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5
Wheel Rim: Fanatec ClubSport Formula Carbon
Pedals: Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals LC
Shifter: Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5
Handbrake: Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake V1.5
Wheel Stand: GT Omega Apex
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  2. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Thanks for the vid, nice lap. I wasn't aware this mod still worked (Sound wise). I'll have to try it later :)
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