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Assetto Corsa | Touge Drift Battle - Harugahara | HD1080p60

Got this finally ready after many days, took a lots of work.

Track: Harugahara - http://http://notworking.url/1dBJzK
Cars: SDC S14
Music used: Mick Gordon - Sexi
Mick Gordon - That's how we go

Huge thanks to CarbonS15 for driving with me. Couldn't get this done alone.: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC13kwuHxUM5yUoGUTQFlVlA
Hope we do more these ;)

Check out the G2A links:
join G2A goldmine:

Also check out the download for server content: http://http://notworking.url/1dEV7k
Server name: |42| Drift AC
Online always when I do.
  1. xnorb
    Love the unfinished geometry in the background of the first shot :D
  2. naakeri
    There was nothing I could do for it :D

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